Zeewolde, a place carved for recreation
 Go and explore!

Covering an area of 268 square kilometres, Zeewolde offers endless possibilities for enjoying the natural environment; wonderful beaches, extensive wooded areas and a polder landscape that stretches to the horizon. 
Something for everyone then! So get on your bike for the Wolderwijd cycle tour or go for a stroll through the Horsterwold forest, the largest deciduous woods on the Netherlands’ clay; an area just made to discover on foot or by bike.

TIP: The cycling hub network will guide you past some of Zeewolde’s most beautiful and endearing spots. Take the bike and foot ferry and cross from the ‘new’ (Zeewolde) to the ‘old’ land (Ermelo/Harderwijk), and cycle all the way round the ‘Wolderwijd’ bordering lake.