From ‘Seaewald’ to Zeewolde

Zeewolde is located in the southern part of the Province of Flevoland, at the Wolderwijd and Nuldernauw bordering lakes, opposite Harderwijk, Ermelo, Putten, Nijkerk and Spakenburg. The name ‘Zeewolde’ refers to the primeval forest that once flourished here before the Common Era and which was later washed away by the sea. Around 790 AD there existed a village near to what currently is Zeewolde called ‘Seaewald’. Unfortunately flooding during late mediaeval period also swept this original settlement into the Zuiderzee. In 1968 South Flevoland was finally drained and in 1979 Zeewolde became the domain of pioneering farmers.

Zeewolde; simply made for recreation

Zeewolde has been an independent local council since 1984, which makes it the youngest local council in the Netherlands – not counting those which emerged from adjoining existing councils. In a very short time, a village arose here between the water, the meadows and the woods; a village that quickly gelled as a community. Zeewolde is not only an exceptional place to live and work, it is also a simply excellent place for recreation. Extensive areas of outstanding natural beauty and beaches, together with the people’s hospitality, the friendly nature of the village, a passion for honest products and sustainability and the many water-sports facilities make this beautiful area a popular recreational destination for young and old alike.

Zeewolde, pure pleasure!

Zeewolde’s beautiful location on the water’s edge, right in the heart of the Netherlands, offers ample opportunities for the active and sporting visitor, as well as for those who enjoy nature and peace and quiet. You will discover the largest deciduous forest on clay in Western Europe, home to many Konik horses, beavers and sea eagles. Due to its central location, Zeewolde is also an excellent starting point for trips and excursions.

Zeewolde offers pure pleasure. Enjoy, come and relax and discovery the true taste and atmosphere of Zeewolde!