Welcome on the water

Zeewolde offers space, peace and quiet, and water. The beaches, the character of the village, the passion for honest products and the many water sports facilities ensure the ultimate holiday enjoyment. Walking, cycling or sailing, there is always something new and exciting to discover.

The space exists here for all manner of water sports, whether on the small canals secluded in the woods, along the straight waterways or on the Wolderwijd bordering lake.

Water sports are fantastic, unexpected, pitched at everyone’s level, surprisingly close at hand and there is always something for any budget. If you’re the sporty type and need some action, then hire a surfboard, a sailboat, an SUP or a sloop, and discover Zeewolde from the water.

There are also plenty of opportunities for those simply seeking some peace and quiet. For example, paddle quietly along with a canoe or a ‘beverpraam’ (a flat bottomed boat specifically made to search for beavers) through the Horsterwold nature area, or go on a sailing trip excursion.